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Workshop on Implementing Basel Conventions for Stakeholders in the South 4 August 2023

KSBL Circular Plastics Institute (CPI) hosted a workshop on Implementing Basel Conventions on Amendments for Enhanced Control of Plastic Waste Movements in Pakistan. This was a collaborative effort with Comsats University, Asia Pacific Network and Engro Polymers Ltd. Speakers who talked about crucial aspects of the Basel Convention’s amendments and their implications on plastic waste trade included Jim Puckett (Executive Director Basel Action Network), Nancy Isarin (Waste Crime and Corruption Expert), Imran Sabir (Director of Natural Resources, EPA), and Shiza Aslam (Research Fellow, CPI-KSBL). The interactive discourse and the contributions made by experts and participants led to a healthy exchange of ideas and best practices.  

Also present at the occasion were Favad Soomro (Head, Engro Foundation) Dr. Farooq-e-Azam Cheema (Provost, KSBL) and Aijaz Haq (Head of Growth and Industry Linkages, KSBL) who expressed their gratitude to the stakeholders for playing their role for this collective environmental cause. Dr. Ahmad Junaid (Rector & Dean) shared how KSBL is committed to promoting sustainability through our curriculum, and playing our role in establishing an ecosystem for circular economy in Pakistan.   

For more details on the workshop, please visit:…/cpi-workshop-on-implementing…/   

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