Lifecycle Assessment of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Products

For the project, CPI conducted a Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) of four major vinyl products made from PVC material. The study was essential as it provided industries and other key players with valuable insights and recommendations regarding the products’ performances and socio-environmental impacts throughout their lifecycles. This project exemplifies CPI’s commitment to driving positive change and fostering informed decision-making within the industry.

  • Partners: Engro Polymers
  • Donor: Asia-Pacific Vinyl Network
  • Timeline: 2023 June to August 2024


Dearth of framework

Our project aims to carry out a detailed life cycle assessment (LCA) for four major groups of vinyl products manufactured in Pakistan, namely: (a) non-pressurized pipes; (b) hard sheets; (c) foam boards; and (d) profiles. Currently there is no “framework or set of guidelines for cumulative impact assessment throughout the project lifecycle”. We need to create a life cycle inventory for the four main PVC product groups, collect baseline data from upstream and downstream stakeholders, and identify emissions that impact opportunities to reduce social and environmental impacts. Achieving these goals requires careful planning, technical expertise, close collaboration and an enabling environment that will enable Pakistan to thrive through inclusive policies and key regulatory areas.



Usage of Lifecycle approach to analyses

This project follows an ISO standardized methodology to quantify the environmental impact of four selected PVC products in Pakistan market or in systems from “cradle to grave”. The project focused on the production (resin and product manufacturing) and disposal (recycling, landfilling, landfilling and open burning) phases of the selected product’s life cycle. We will analyse the local flow of selected PVC product through a market by mapping its value chain based on field visits and key informant interviews. The upstream data collection from PVC resin manufacturers and product manufacturers was enabled by Engro, while downstream data from preprocessors and recyclers was collected through market research.



Quantifying Environmental hotspots and Impacts

Through this study, we will be able to provide quantitative information on the potential environmental impacts associated with the production and disposal of four selected PVC products in the Pakistani market. We will be able to analyze the local flow of a selected PVC product through the market and its value chain through site visits and interviews with key informants, as well as the impact of categories that have a significant impact and the processes that contribute on these impacts. Most importantly, contributing safe circularity by mapping chemicals being used in the PVC products and assessing their toxicity level if any. This is critical to guide safe and no harm policies.

Shiza Aslam Shiza Aslam Director & Head of Research

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